Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold in Basement

This is the result of a basement leaking for years and an unknowing elderly couple living on the premises. The couple rarely ventured in to their basement for a... READ MORE

Growth under Flooring

A customer in Tazewell, TN called in because she had a leak around her dishwasher. The plumber came out and they discovered a growth between the laminate and th... READ MORE

Growth in ceiling in Bedroom

Customer called and was very distraught over the appearance of the damage the mold had done. They were frightened that they would get sick if it was not removed... READ MORE

Mold on Attic ceiling

These pictures were taken at a home in East Tennessee that an untrained roofer replaced a roof. The homeowner went into the attic to get some items that were pa... READ MORE

Growth Behind Washer

The customer decided to move their dryer to replace a belt and found this scene. A hose had leaked from their washer and caused a growth on the wall behind the ... READ MORE

Basement in Knoxville

Customer ventured down in the basement of their home and noticed a growth on the flooring. It was caused by the hot water hose on the washing machine. The washi... READ MORE

Mold Remediation of a Basement in Knoxville, TN

This basement in Knoxville, TN had a large amount of mold growing overhead. Our highly trained team went in, and made the mold covered ceiling look brand new! O... READ MORE