Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flooded Basement

A call came in from a previous client that works for the local utilities board. After heavy rainfall, his basement had began to flood. The sewage drain in the s... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Crawlspace

A local apartment complex called in after a heavy rainfall flooded the crawlspace under one of their buildings. SERVPRO of North Knoxville has done a lot of wor... READ MORE

Basement flooded

A call came in from a frantic husband. His wife went out of town and he promised her he would seal the foundation. Instead he watched football and figured he wo... READ MORE


This is the result of a basement in a home that was located at the bottom of a hill. When the snow began to fall, the homeowner had no idea that the snow would ... READ MORE

Extreme Rain Showers

There is no way to stop heavy rain showers or control the weather at all for that matter. What you can do, is hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. E... READ MORE

Heavy Rainfall

It is very important to be sure that your roof is repaired each year to avoid water damage. These are pictures from a cinema who forgot to have their roof check... READ MORE