Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Garage Flood

These are a few photos from the garage of a customer in Knoxville. The pipe on their hot water tank busted and caused the garage to flood. The walls were wet an... READ MORE

Water Damage at Local Business

This job felt like a record breaking job and all hands were on deck. The call came in after hours and the team at SERVPRO of North Knoxville quickly left their ... READ MORE

Water Damage to White Carpet

This was a job that a customer called in and was extremely worried about her white carpet. Apparently, the hot water tank at there home was pretty old. The bott... READ MORE

Water Damage in Ceiling

An upstairs bathroom bath tub overflowed and damaged the ceiling of the flood below. The customer noticed water dripping from the ceiling and realized it was f... READ MORE

Water in Register

A call came in from a landlord about sewage coming up out of the drains. The bathroom was so over ran with water, it filled the ducts in the register in the flo... READ MORE

Broken Dishwasher line in Knoxville, TN

Coming home to an extensive water leak is never any fun. Here, the damage from a broken pipe in a Knoxville, TN left a large amount of water from the dishwasher... READ MORE